Northwest Territories Government Guide

Northwest Territories Government Guide

The government of the Northwestern Territories offers a number of services to residents and has representatives in both the House of Commons and Senate of Canada


The government has many functions and divisions, among which Public Works & Services, Municipal & Community Affairs, Legislative Assembly, Lands, Justice, and Industry, Tourism, & Investment. Other departments include Health and Social Services, Education, Culture, & Employment, and Finance. The different agencies and bodies offer a wide range of services such as court library services, legal aid, victim services, access to information held on file by public bodies, and more. The Securities Office, for example, serves business and individual customers, monitors compliance with securities laws, and takes enforcement actions against businesses and individuals who have violated acting legislation. The Land Titles office also offers a range of services to businesses and individuals, including documents such as condominium plans and documents, plans of survey, mechanics’ liens, writs of execution, and powers of attorney. Customers are free to request documents such as caveats, easements, leases, mortgage documents, and transfers of ownership, to name a few. The Legal Services Board also functions under the Northwestern Territories government and offers legal representation, advice, and services to citizens in need of such. Legal services are offered to low-income persons and families that cannot afford to pay for legal representation. There are 4 legal clinics that offer advice and services to citizens, including legal and criminal outreach, family outreach, and criminal law and family law services. There is one clinic in Inuvik and 2 clinics in Yellowknife that offer criminal and family law services. One clinic in Yellowknife specializes in property law services and offers legal aid. There are other agencies and bodies that offer important administrative services, including Adoption Services, Court Registry, the Community Programs Office, and others.

The Community Programs Office coordinates a selection of services that facilitate heritage and cultural activities. The office offers training opportunities and assistance to organizations and non-for-profits organizing different activities and workshops. The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center also features public and education programs and offers information on galleries and public exhibits, as well as detailed information about the history and culture of the Northwestern Territories. In general, different agencies and bodies focus on transportation, gas and other utility permits, investment and business development, finance, and municipal and community affairs. There are also agencies that focus on employment, culture, and education, inter-government relations and aboriginal affairs, and environmental and natural resources. Other agencies provide social and health services while still others focus on workers’ safety, justice, investment, or tourism. All spheres, sectors, and industries are covered so that small and large businesses and individuals of all walks of life have access to services, legal assistance, and professional advice.

Other Agencies, Roles and Responsibilities

There are agencies that focus on career opportunities, internships, cultural events, ferry operations, airport parking, and a lot more. Some agencies are responsible for flight departure and arrival information, driver demerits, suspensions, and convictions, general identification cards issued to residents living in the Northwestern Territories, and so on. Customers are also free to request a record of infractions which is available to courts, license issuers, RCMP, municipal enforcement, insurance companies, and drivers. Students who are looking for financial assistance and are enrolled in college are free to request information about career opportunities, scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial assistance.

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